Raleigh, North Carolina: Under The Radar

Storm Large, in her Christmas tree ornament dress

As we pulled out of the airport, I racked my brain trying to envision the downtown area of Raleigh, where we were headed, and would stay for three nights to perform our Holiday show with the North Carolina Symphony.  We have performed in this city, and in many small cities in the U.S. like it, several times, but I can rarely remember the names of the best places I’ve been to here, or exactly where they are. Thus, one of my main motivations for starting this blog; to have a place to refer to in these kinds of situations. Continue reading

Napa Valley: Where Two Worlds Collide

Altamura Sangiovese 2000

Had I looked ahead at our schedule, I would have noticed that our first stop on this tour was Napa Valley, and I could have planned ahead by arriving a few days before the band, hiring a driver, making winery appointments, and dinner reservations.  But, I didn’t. And, to make it even more tortuous for me, our hotel was within minutes of scores of wineries! This was one of those times when my two worlds collide, but I couldn’t take full advantage of it–which is not to say I didn’t eat and drink well in our  two short days here.

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